About Clone Fake Cam Sites

About Clone Fake Cam Sites

Learn which adult webcam sites are real and truly unique in our reviews of video chat sites for adults. We’ve been doing research on adult webcam sites for 5+ years and our site offers reviews of more than 800 live sex cam sites; most of which are just fake clones of real platforms for adult video chat.

Let me ask something…..

  1. Would you like to make sure the site you use to live sex chat is the actual site who charges your card?
  2. Is it important to you to know who owns the platform itself for the adult webcam site you are using?
  3. Do you want to know whether the domain or brand name of an adult cam site is the true owner of the adult video chat site your using?

If you answered yes to even 1 of these 3 fundamental questions then our live sex site comparisons will be insightful, thus useful for you! We take adult webcam reviews one step further by sharing which adult cams are original platforms and which are just cloned affiliate power white label adult cam sites.

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We share the truth about which adult webcam sites are unique

We have scoured the whole world wide web and found the largest list of live sex cam webcam sites aka adult webcam sites. We then took the time to join each website, make a report about how it works, and finally we published what we wrote about our own experiences using that adult webcam site.

We are your eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to checking out adult webcam sites and the best place to check on a xxx video chat site to see if it is real or just a domain running a white label version of a cam site.

Consider us your quick resource to confirm facts about who operates what adult webcam sites. It’s important we explain, the reason it can be difficult to find information on these sites is that sometimes clones or white label are not indexed for having this content. Thus our cam site reviews serve a a very important purpose for readers and users of live sex chat sites.

Therefore, we hope the search engines realize that the reason why the reviews for many of these site are the same is because the sites we identify are exact duplicates of on another.

Too Many WL Adult Webcam Sites

The bottom line is that their are currently just too many white label adult webcam sites that do little to nothing to differentiate themselves. As a 2019 we are aware of over 70,000 domains and / or urls that offer live adult cams. Consumers need to be able to find which company is actually operating these sites.

Sex Cam Sites Leave Confused Users

Again, coming into 2019 we have documented over 70,000 white label adult webcam sites that have the exact same components to them:

  • The Same Exact Models, Cam Girl Text / Photos
  • Identical Layouts
  • Terms of Service
  • Features
  • Payment Terms as well as Prices and Costs
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Check out the largest list clone adult cam sites here.

In particular we think it is important the cam sites that are most searched for come first; as in those that are not really their own truly original site but have large amounts of traffic going to their site because of other content they offer on the web.

These 5 Popular Destinations for are Just Clones and NOT A UNIQUE PLATFORM at all…

  • Redtubelive reviews – RedTube cams is showing a totally different webcams chat site than you’d think.
  • pornhublive reviews – Pornhublive does not actually even own a adult video chat site, they just use an affiliate program. Learn more here.
  • camonster.com reviews  – CamMonster also a widely visited sex video chat site is also not a unique cam site.
  • youpornmate reviews – at youpornmate yes the site is legit but you’ll see in our reviews they have no direct control over the platform as it’s an entirely separate company.
  • ypmate reviews – Just the same YPMate webcams are running the exact same cams as all these sites.

Secondarily we offer this list of other cam sites that are merely affiliate powered using technology that simple swaps our logos and color schemes as well as site and meta name. The bottom line is none; not even 1 of the adult webcam sites below is a unique cam site.