REPORT: Live Sex Cams Popular in India


While India may have laws prohibiting live sex cams statistics show that the use of adult webcams sites in India are rising rapidly. Along with this, any cursory glance at adult cam sites also documents that fact that more and more Indian women are becoming Indian cam girls. This is a pattern we expect will continue. is a popular live sex webcams site in India.

India Webcams is currently one of the most popular cam sites in India with more than 800,000 monthly visitors. While the majority of models and users are still from Europe and the United States the percentage of men from India viewing adult webcams at this site is rapidly rising.

Growth in Indian Cam Girls

In India adult entertainment is much more underground and its this aspect of adult entertainment in places like Mumbia (Bombay), Kolkota (Calcutta), and Delhi that makes adult webcams the perfect match for discreet adult entertainment patterns of Indian men. While disposable incomes maybe much lower Indian women who take the risks and become a cam model, stand to make a potential large salary by local standards. This is a path more and more Indian women are taking – a trend that is not expected to slow anytime soon.

In India adult webcams are taking off!

Just one of these Indian cam girls is indiansaphire2. Indiansaphire2 is a open minded cam girl living in New Delhi who keeps her profession under wraps. She makes 5 -10 times the wages of her friends and enjoys the freedom on setting her own schedule. However, she does worry about getting caught by friends and family. That is for the most part avoidable though because she uses technology that the cam sites offer to block users in her city and so viewers of her Indian live sex show are typically hundreds of miles away.

India cam girls from – indiansaphire2

Another similar gal IndianTeazerXoxo is from Bombay and she has just started doing live webcam shows in her small apartment.

IndianTeazerXoxo India Live Sex Shows

There are currently more than 140 real Indian women doing live sex shows on this site. Its free to register and chat but you must have a major credit card. The card is not charged unless you go to private shows. The public adult webcam shows with Indian women are totally free.

You can browse Indian Cam Girls here. Likewise don’t forget to check out our cam site reviews or list of the top cam sites.

Adult Webcam Reviews for White Label Sites


Adult Webcam Reviews are a Necessary Consumer Resource

We are excited to share the official launch of adult webcam site reviews for what are called in the adult webcam industry. ‘white label sites’.

Sometimes we as customers pay attention to the wrong things.
Sometimes we as customers pay attention to the wrong things!

This particular website you are at now is NOT for people looking to start their own adult webcam site but we can suggest you visit this site, if that is what you are looking to do. We do not cover those issues here. As you will read on our about us page, this website is a consumer only resource focused on sharing the difference between the adult webcam sites or brands and the underlining platforms. We take the position that it can be challenging for consumers to located impartial second opinions and validate the claims made on adult webcam sites. There needs to be a place where people can share their own experiences on these ‘clone’ or sort adult webcam sites. While many of them are in fact safe and secure sites, others are not. This all comes down to the underlining platform that they operate on.

Consumers should be able to see which sites are the same.

The average user of adult webcam sites have a membership on two or more sites after 3 months of using live webcam sites. Therefore, eventually they might stumble onto the similarities of the sites and piece together the reality the different brands are just that; different in brand only. However, our hope is that this resource can help consumers point out the key indicators to tell which actual company and which platform a live adult webcam site is operating on. By having this knowledge the general public will then be able to tell that the same review information applies to all sites across a particular platform.

Yes, it is not by chance that thousands of sites look the same....they are the same!
Yes, it is not by chance that thousands of sites look the same….they are the same! (EXAMPLE HERE: is an exact duplicate of

Why it matters….

These days these sites in most cases have very thin content. Therefore, they do not get exposed to these cam sites typically via search but rather through buying advertising like mass scale pop-ups. By having all the white label adult webcam sites indexed with easy to locate reviews, reviews that tie back to the platforms; the understanding of which sites are which is much better.

You can browse the database here for the Streamate sites and then you can read the actual streamate reviews that then apply to all 300+ of these adult webcam sites under that particular platform. (Realize the 300 sites we have so far are just about 5% of all the duplicate sites of this same platform that operate under different brands via affiliate marketing relationships. (Again, for b2b adult webcam info visit this site we just focus on end user information here)

Anyway, we firmly believe our approach to adult webcam reviews is a more logical and smarter way to help people understand the adult webcam industry and when people understand things better they can make far more informed decisions. I