What is OnlyFans

What is OnlyFans? (Is it Safe or Dangerous?)

With the rise of the Onlyfans fan-based subscription site, many people are rightfully asking, “What is OnlyFans Anyway”?

Truth be told, I too had to do the same research myself just last year. Since that time, due to the fact we work in the adult cam space, we have become very familiar with what onlyfans.com is as well as how it works.

In a nutshell, what made OnlyFans famous is the volume of Amateur porn available here from women who otherwise may not share xxx images of themselves. The global lockdown due to Covid-19 has certainly helped this application as well but the fact women can charge subscriptions and keep 80% of the money for themselves is the real driver.

It has also enjoyed lots of free press, both good and bad; thus cementing it as a widely used place for smut.

You will find all sorts of dirty amateur pictures but most of the images are less literal interpretations of a wet panty hamster.

A little known secret is that some of the best onlyfans porn you don’t even need to pay for. I will get back to that, first, let’s talk a little more about what Onlyfans is.

OnlyFans is basically a subscription-based service that enables anyone to charge a monthly recurring subscription fee to people for access to your content.

In other words, your onlyfans account becomes a premium fan page with exclusive pictures and videos that you can automatically collect recurring income from.

On your onlyfans page, you can post videos and pictures regularly to entice people to become and stay a member.

Is OnlyFans Safe Though?

Free onlyfans
Free onlyfans accounts are just another trick to lure you into a recurring charge.

At first, the service had rave reviews but cam girls are rapidly realizing that while an onlyfans page has a place in their business, it’s not all that they first thought it was.

Likewise, most men are realizing it lacks the diversity and entertainment value of the top adult cam sites.

The service is mostly known as a place for sharing nude onlyfans pictures making it a popular place for cam girls and pornstars.

Even some celebrities have intentionally leaked onlyfans nudes via their onlyfans page. That is of course not an onlyfans leak but rather a by-design attempt to make money.

There are lots of models, actors, fashion divas, fitness experts, influencers, and musicians who use OnlyFans to earn some additional income.

OnlyFans subscribers can receive money via tips, monthly subscriptions from users, or by PPV options. The website has no official apps to its name and still has more than 25 million viewers, 460K creators, and most of them are onlyfans girls.

How Onlyfans Creators Earn Money?

If you want to be a part of OnlyFans as a creator it is pretty simple. You merely visit the site and click register to create your profile, add your bank account, upload content, and choose your subscription package cost.

How onlyfans works
The onlyfans activity feed is shown in this image. This is the first step in understanding, how onlyfans works.

You are allowed to set a monthly subscription starting at $4.99 and do remember, OnlyFans charges a 20% fee as a transaction or commission fee.

Do realize though that cam sites have privacy settings and OnlyFans does not allow you to be able to tell what region a customer is buying your content from. This is a bit of a drawback and scary for some onlyfans amateur porn girls.

Also you have to realize that you are not immune to onlyfans leaked content which is growing by the day. Also, many people are stealing onlyfans girls pictures and videos and pretending to be that person on Twitter and Instagram.

As long as people are searching for leaked nudes from the best only fans accounts, this will continue to be a problem.

When we searched for a onlyfans leak we found a few popular torrent sites posting onlyfans nudes as well.

Then you also have to worry about the inevitable onlyfans hack. As with all sites of this nature, it is only a matter of time before there is a widespread onlyfans hack.

All things considered, I do believe the best onlyfans girls who share nudes will continue to prosper and Onlyfans is relatively safe.

Artists, fitness coaches, musicians, comedians, chefs, and writers also may flourish here if their content is very unique and kept fresh.

best onlyfans girls
Here is a look at how best onlyfans girls manage their accounts. As you can see the preview shares the number of images, videos, and fans that each only fans account has.

A Few of the Top Onlyfans Girls

    1. Francia James Francia James is athletic as fuck and has the blend of sexy thighs and golden skin that drives men nuts. However, this onlyfans nude model is also spreading her pastrami flaps at StripChat which is free, so again I have to question the logic of paying her $10.00 a month on a recurring basis.
    2. Duchess Clioduchessclio is a real Georgia peach with a huge set of knockers and an equally large butt that she loves to show off via sexy amateur clips. I subbed her only fans page for a week and got hella bored so I dropped it after.
    3. Iam.Anissa  Iam.Nissa is a hot Instagram girl that shares nude pics on onlyfans as well, but most of her naughty pictures on Instagram are also those she hawks as exclusive. I would bet good money that if you check on sites like Chaturbate she is also doing live cam shows and that you wouldn’t need to pay a monthly membership for.

These are not the best onlyfans girls as far as the highest income earners on onlyfans.

However, I think they are a good representative sample of some of the hottest onlyfans nude accounts which illustrate my point well. You also might be interested in our new list of cheap live sex cams.

OnlyFans Features (How it Works)

Let’s take a look at the features and highlights that makes users gaga over some nude Onlyfans accounts.

Homepage – A feed that shows a flow of content shared by whoever you follow, and it can also be your friends. Just like Twitter or any other social media platform, you can see suggestions and recommendations to follow the major and best onlyfans girls and creators.

onlyfans page
We compared an Onlyfans page to LiveJasmin sex cams. The value offered to users was with xxx streaming sites was far better.

Search – At the very top of the home, we can see a search option where we can type some random names or hashtags of your preferences to find creators to follow.

Notifications – This section helps you to find all types of information about interactions, subscriptions, liked, tipped, and more.

Create – This section helps you to create a new post with media such as photos, videos, polls, audios to share it with your fans.

Menu – It helps you to access your profile, check bookmarks, fans lists, settings, saved cards, bank account details, and so on. Log out option is right here.

onlyfans registration
onlyfans registration screen capture. This shows what your user onlyfans page will appear like so be careful to not use your own name.
OnlyFans Lacks Selection Over Cam Girls Chat Sites:

While it is certainly fun to peruse some of the free onlyfans accounts most of us guys realize that the best onlyfans girls are also working the live sex cam circuit.

Frankly, I can’t see any point in paying for any  onlyfans.com except for perhaps something exclusive like Belle Delphine onlyfans!

Thus, more often than not and you can see real live content of the same models by just cross-referencing their usernames on cam to cam sites.

Onlyfans nudes
If Onlyfans nudes are the sole value proposition of the platform, is that sustainable?

Thus onlyfans has the same pitfalls of the old era of porn, it’s dated content and still images.

Sure it is fun to use the onlyfans search options and check out some of the ladies working here, but the fact is that live cams still reign supreme; giving you literally command over your live adult entertainment.

I should also note that while you can get live cam shows on onlyfans their service standards are nowhere near what you might find on the LiveJasmin (review at that link) or the super popular Streamate.com platform. However, don’t fall for the copycat tricks of sites like Pornhublive.

Once again, the downside of subscribing to girls Onlyfans accounts is that you have to pay more than once. People are looking at Onlyfans as a platform to buy nudes of beautiful girls but models make you buy a subscription in order to access the content even one time and oftentimes after seeing their nude pictures, you tend to lose interest.

Who wants to pay each month for the same models?

I am just being honest.

Time will tell, but most experts on human sexuality agree that men don’t like to view the same adult models over the long run, instead preferring fresh faces.

Onlyfans pornstars and amateur porn creators are not the only performers using this platform though. It has many other great uses. Not many people realize that a large number of famous musicians and other types of artists and creators are also using the onlyfans app.

Our thought is that people are more apt to pay on an ongoing basis for more unique entertainers and the feeling of it being exclusive and better content than can be found elsewhere.

However, when most of the hottest girls on onlyfans are also doing free cam shows over at sites like Chaturbate, one has to really start to question the value!

One way or another, onlyfans girls, are in some cases getting a serious number of subscriptions.

We contend that this probably mostly due to the fact that users are not aware of the value and selection of free nude pictures and sexy videos that you can view (in live time) at webcam sex sites.

There are tons of amateur nude pictures available for free online so spending money to buy nude pics and videos is also a bit of a throwback to a previous era of recorded and frankly, stale porn.

The vast majority of adult entertainment has shifted in the direction of live sex cam sites.

onlyfans leak
Mostly onlyfans leak pictures are not even worth your time.

Not many people will say this so let me be the first.

If amateur models sharing porn of themselves used their social media followings to properly market live sex cams they would rapidly see their incomes rise without the need to sell their own sexuality.

The rather naive reason why many cam girls have shifted towards onlyfans is these same adult performers are still missing the bigger picture of what platforms will sustain themselves over the longer run. 

The bigger picture is that streaming video chat sex sites are where men (the typical customers) tend to get the best value.

Therefore, that value in the long haul is probably going to be a better place to focus their efforts.

Which means by utilizing affiliate codes for cam sites adult models can focuse their own content on registering new users to increase their incomes instead of focus on driving traffic to their own shows. Their own content is limited,  but the pent up amount of new performers registering for cam sites is going to just continue to grow in coming years.

This is a much better long term strategy for today’s adult models. That said, Kudos to OnlyFans on giving the short term illusion of a residual income. – Nick the Sexpert!

My advice is that if you like checking out hot amateur porn then first check the nude video streaming sites and only then peruse the onlyfans search for collecting names of the girls that you want to interact with on cam. Then search their performer names and most of the time you’ll find the same model at xxx video chat sites!

However, think twice before subscribing to OnlyFans because you will forget she even exists and then later find out you have been getting charged for months and gotten nothing in return.

I mean, if you can watch live nude cam shows nearly free from all the hottest cam performers, paying for just 1 via OnlyFans is sorta stupid!

Right? So I would suggest you first read our experiences on some of the best sex cam sites to see why we concluded nude cams are a way better value than onlyfans.com.

So what is onlyfans? It is a bit of a waste of your money in our opinion.

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