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I bet you didn't realize that this is a platform site and not just a brand! Thousands of other sites are use this platform to power their site.
I bet you didn’t realize that this is a platform site and not just a brand! Thousands of other sites are use this platform to power their site.


Is it a Scam or Safe Adult Webcams Site? Find out our streamate platform reviews

So are we said on our about page, we are not the run of the mill adult webcams reviews site. First, you may notice something right off the bat that strikes you as odd! What I am referring to you ask? Well, my friends, ALL THE REVIEWS are the same for hundreds of adult webcams sites! Well, almost all of them. You see there are only  about 4 version of reviews here all of which are tied to the parent companies platforms that actually operate the actual sites! THIS WE CONTEND IS HOW RESPONSIBLE ADULT WEBCAM SITE REVIEWS SHOULD BE ADMINISTERED! It is more transparent and much accurate and sheds more light on who you are ACTUALLY dealing with; who is actually charging your credit card with respect to the thousands of brands operated under the same platform(s).

Don’t just trust me without checking for yourself! Click the image and you can see it’s the SAME MODELS. These are the same sites, now on over 15,000 sex cam sites the same models appear. Search AmeliyaLove and you will see! (Why we think it’s important an adult webcam reviews site keeps you informed.)

What are adult webcam sites platforms?

We are actually doing something that nobody has yet to do in the adult webcams reviews business yet, we are sharing the true site operators. (Here is the FULL working list) We are trying to communicate to consumers the new reality of using adult webcams sites; which is about 40,000 domains or urls online; all appearing to be different live adult webcams sites to the unsuspecting consumer, are in the facts just 4 or 5 main businesses who let webmasters operate their own small business under them. First off that is not necessarily a bad thing! As a matter of fact that is in most cases a good thing because it means that one centralized secure location in most cases has access to your information. However, some platforms have better billing policies than others. We get more into that in all the reviews. In the reviews we share which platform the site is using and in this case it is streamate.

However, what is bad is that it is hard for consumers to get a straight answer or find a place to see which parent company or actual company operates these ‘white label adult webcam sites’ 

Sure you can always just trust information shared on but the whole point in reviews is two-fold. You want to be able to find out more by searching reviews to see who else has used the site and what their experiences were. As a past user of the platform that powers and runs we have detailed first hand experiences that should offer substantially valuable insights.

So let’s get to it, here are you reviews for …

Is really free?  YES OR NO?

Yes, it is actually free for all shows except the premium shows; but even the paid premium shows are fairly inexpensive as well. By premium realize any model can go into a premium shows which merely means private or exclusive, but you have to accept the charges to go 1-on-1, meaning you are never charged a dime if you stay in public chat areas and you can fully converse with all the models there and never pay a dime. EVERYTHING IS VERY CLEARLY MARKED. The fact is though, since most models charge between $2.00 – $3.50 per minute, by being free and open to anyone 18 and over, customers do typically opt for premium shows. WHY NOT WHEN IT IS FAIRLY INEXPENSIVE. This free access makes the business model work very well and it is why the platform itself is the most popular in the world. The parent company of Streamate is called FlyingCroc and the platform for is again Streamate. So when you join Streamate, you can actually log-in securely with the same exact username and password and use more than 13,000 adult webcam sites; all those that are on the same exact platform with the same exact models! MY POINT IS: is merely a logo placed on streamate platform with a webmasters marketing that site. We thought you should know! Platform Features

Again, all the features are the same for Streamate since that is the platform that runs this site. The features include more than our list of the top 5 below, but these are the most popular.

  • Gold shows: Gold shows on allow you to get access to a full show which typically will run about 5-7 minutes and being that it is a gold show you pay just a flat free. usually models charge $3.00 – $8.00 for the full show. They are 99.% masturbation shows with a fraction being niche or kink.
  • Search features: platform being streamate again you will see the exact same navigation on all sites. It is wonderful navigation I might add as they offer tags for all models which users can add plus 4 easy ways to search.
  • Email:  As a free member you can email over 13,000 models all around the world and ask them anything you like. The openness of this site platform truthfully does make it (streamate platform) the top platform.
  • Most Recent Shows: This platform makes it so your most recent shows appear along the left column which is great in case you forget to favorite a model or want to quickly locate a performer you have had a show with in the past.
  • Favorites: Likewise favorites is wildly popular feature of the platform which makes it easy to add someone to your list to watch them perform at a later date. All you have to do to add someone to your favorites list is click on the heart icon from their show page. Once you do that they will be added to your favorites list. There is also no limit to the amount of models you can add as favorites.

Overall Editors Impression / Review Summary:

Look, I am brutally honest and I often have ripped apart other adult webcams sites for unclear billing practices. For that same reason I offer my appreciate for this platform. Any site operating under Streamate can be trusted and placed a big emphasis on customer service. However, what earns this platform high marks is the fact that there is no virtual currency, no membership fees, and no games. You never have to buy a package to use the site or pay in advance. Clear cut per minute option shows rounded to the nearest second is the best way to operate an adult webcam business. The only advice I would give end users wanting to enjoy and participate in secure adult webcam entertainment is to join at the main platform versus at the affiliate / or white label site; as it just makes the most sense and over time keeps costs down. 

Other resources related to the platform: 

How to become an affiliate of :  Details here How to become a model on : Details here

REVIEW: What white label adult cam sites are?

A white label adult webcam site is a site that is not actually operated by the person that owns the brand. For example, actually only own the url or domain name. As far as the models, the payment processing, the technology, and well really….the whole business; that is all handled by one central company. That company is identified in this review below.

THE SITE YOU ARE LOOKING AT NOW: is a white label adult webcams site operated by streamate, it is not operated by the owner of the domain / url . merely markets this site in exchange for a split of commissions from the money spent using this site. Specifically the owner of this url gets 30% of the money that is spent here. 

You can visit the main site streamate and join this site through the parent company below.


Already a member of this platform?  Below are two other platforms worth trying; as in sites that are ACTUALLY DIFFERENT, OR IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A STREAMATE ALTERNATIVE! However, before you assume that the grass is greener I can tell you that the Streamate platform is the only pay as you platform. The other two sites below are prepay. Just so you know! Again, we try to make things more transparent and less mired in illusion and/or complexity so that you can focus on enjoying your time using adult webcam sites.

1. Flirt4Free 


List of Streamate white label sites here: (These sites are all the same, that is why much of the information is EXACTLY THE SAME) We think it’s important people can access these reviews by the site name though and so we have taken a lot of our time to make reviews for all the sites that we have located so far that are duplicates of

Xcams Reviews, The European Adult Webcam Platform, is it a legitimate site or a scam?

Should I join or not?
Should I join or not?

Features, Costs, and the Full Scoop on this live webcams site for adults is the largest or most popular adult webcam site in the Netherlands, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, and Norway. Meaning it’s mostly used in European countries but they are pushing towards expanding more into the United States and have some aggressive pricing models.

Across our site you will see a list of more than 100 adult webcam site brands that seem to infer they are offering live webcams for adults, but who are in fact just offering a slightly altered version of one of the largest European adult webcam sites; that being That is the case with all platforms though as we share the real sites versus the copies of the sites operated by marketers.

Again, is most widely used in both Eastern and Western Europe as well as a swath of Latin America.Xcams girls As of 2015 though they’ve started to capture more American, Australian, and UK users though too with their very competitive pricing structure. does offer a very distinct user experience that is refreshing for past users of cam sites like Streamate (reviews at that link), and Flirt4Free (reviews at that link). Specifically, while we may rate both those sites respectively in the top two spots, that does not mean there are not other great experiences using adult webcams. What I mean is that, oftentimes you will use an adult webcam site near daily; in a burst of a few months until you get sick of that site. After a while it can get boring seeing the same featured models doing the same things. Therefore, many users want a change of scenery. That being said, based on our experiences is a perfect place to find new faces.

Let’s though go a bit deeper for those of you who are curious how it all works…

Cost of

Using Xcams at all will require at least a small package price. That being said they do have a special offer for new users. That deal is 5 minutes for $1.00. Afterwards you have these three packages sizes to choose from:

  • XL PACK: 1140 CREDITS IS $250.00
  • L PACK 570 CREDITS IS $150.00
  • M PACK 235 CREDITS IS $75.00
  • S PACK 110 CREDITS IS $40.00
  • XS PACK 45 CREDITS IS $25.00

As you can see from the screenshot below the prices are reasonable even for the small credits package. The larger credits package though, specifically PACK XL at 1140 credits for $249.00 is a great value for people who use adult cams many times a week.

UPDATE: There are some models that do not follow the typical pricing structure of most resulting in using your credits at a faster rate. In these cases though you know exactly what they cost before you agree to use any of your credits package because it is clearly marked on each models page how many credits per minute they perform for.

Cost of credits on
Cost of credits on

Features of Xcams:

As we said in our reviews of the xcams copycat sites, those operated on this platform but just under different brands Xcams does offer some truly exceptional functionality. I will highlight our favorite elements of this site below.

Sites like Xcams:

While there are the white label sites of this site there are no other sites that are just like They are unique with respect to the features and costs. That being said it is worth comparing (review at that link) and (site at that link), two other top adult cam sites. Also remember all the REAL PLATFORM REVIEWS from us are here.

How to model on

Becoming a internet or webcam model on Xcams is fairly easy and when you do model here your performances can also been seen on 1,000 plus other cams sites. Models can register hereAlso the xcams affiliate program is here.

Xcams reviews summary:

We have tested Xcams out with over $ 1,000.00 using more than 20 models shows and over a 3 month period and have had no issues at all. One time we did lose our connection during a show and we were worried. When the power cam back on we found that we were automatically detected as being logged out and thus our credits for the package we bought were still in tact. Therefore, we did not even have to use support.

Overall, I have to say is a good value and can be a lot of fun for adults!

adult webcams

List of sites powered by under different brands:


Flirt4Free Reviews, (site behind live shows)


Is Flirt4Free a Scam or Legit?

Safe or not?
Safe or not? Learn more here… is a site operated by VSMedia that offers live adult webcams. In our reviews we share how this site compares and if it is a scam?

First off, VSMedia the parent company develops technology for advanced live webcam communications. They have been in business since 1996 and as of 2015 have been in business more than 20 years. They are located at: VS Media Inc. 4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. #338 Westlake Village, CA 91361 USA

Is Flirt4Free REALLY Free?

NO, Flirt4Free is NOT FREE. However it is one of the better values among live cam sites for adults. The fact is there are live sex cam sites that cost less, but none can say they have more private or secure shows with the more exclusive models. What it comes down to is that Flirt4Free has mastered the, ‘community’ element of a true high-end adult webcam community. They offer not just a whole host of cutting edge user features but also enviable features for their performers. These factors have led to many of the very finest performers / internet models choosing to use this site as their primary place to broadcast from; which in turn attracts a very large amount of customers to this platform.  

Cost of shows on

  • The average performer costs: $3 to $5 per minute.
  • There are no minimums. You can save credits you do not use in your account for the next time you use the site.
  • There is an optional VIP membership but standard membership is free and costs nothing. Our suggestion is only buy a VIP membership if you REALLY ARE A VIP or can afford it. However, if you can afford it you will find that you do get better treatment and more attention when you are considering getting a show.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are chatting in free chat with a model in free chat. When they see VIP you get more freebies from that performer and they really take note to the VIP symbol next to your profile. That being said you can use the site just fine without it. Again, the casual user should not pay the extra fee.

Sites like

Flirt4Free is a one-of-a-kind site and offers unique features no other adult webcams site offers. I suggest everyone at least try using this site once because it does stand above other sites with respect to the feeling or exclusivity and privacy.

Is Flirt4Free Safe and Secure? (Privacy issues)

Again, while most of the reputable adult webcam sites are secure, the feeling of being secure and operating in a private environment is different from the reality of really being secure. On Flirt4Free you get both. The site has a very unique feeling to it that really exceeds the 1 on 1 experience on other cam sites. (You can do a quick comparison of Streamate versus here.) Features:

  • Types of payment accepted: MasterCard or Visa or any credit card is accepted as is other online payment forms.
  • Billing information: Your statement shows VSMedia and so people cannot detect that this is an adult related product or service.
  • Credits: Credits are sold in packages. Packages start at $25.00 and go up from there.
  • Community: Browse each performers past recorded movies and see more photos of the performer than you will find on any other adult cams site.
  • Featured Performers: You will often find famous porn stars featured. Any of these models you can go private with.
  • HD: Of course, all live adult webcam sites offer HD live sex cam shows but the key to the selection of models available in HD are what types of webcams the actual models are using. The bottom lines is more of the models are affluent and can afford great webcams at this site meaning more are available in HD. If you chose to stream the a show to your flat screen tv then talk with the model over the phone at the same time you will see exactly why the user experience here stands out.
Try streaming to you TV or using the phone option. This takes it to a whole new level!
Try streaming to you TV or using the phone option. This takes it to a whole new level! (SEE HOW CHOPPY THIS IMAGE IS?!) That is what you see on OTHER SITES! The majority of the models here broadcast in HD.

You can visit the main site Flirt4Free and join this site through the parent company below.


List of Flirt4Free white label sites here: (Coming Soon)

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